Chapter: 998

Chapter 998 - Luan Luan’s formidable beast, Leaving the Sacred Land of Panacea

Having high growth was very important. Fundamentally, beasts can grow infinitely. Just like how a human’s strength fundamentally could grow infinitely, only bottlenecks would prevent many from advancing to the next stage. This was also the case for many beasts. Beasts with high growth could easily surpass bottlenecks and hurdles, becoming formidable beasts.

“Little Darling, this Spirit Deer will become formidable in the future.” Qing Shui was happy. This was the first-time Qing Shui saw a tamer with a beast greater than one thousand stars.

The strength of his strongest beast was the Five-Headed Demonic Spider that was barely seven hundred stars. Even though he had experienced many battles, he had not seen a formidable Beast Tamer. His own daughter was actually a very strong Beast Tamer.

“Daddy, coming here turned a huge profit!” Luan Luan said happily.

Continuing to search some more, the Spirit Deer joyfully followed Luan Luan around. Qing Shui smiled while looking at Luan Luan and said, “Darling, for beasts with approximately the same strength as the Spirit Deer, given your remaining spirit energy, how many do you think you can tame?”


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