Chapter 99 - Extraordinary Powerful Alchemist

Chapter 99 Extraordinary Powerful Alchemist.

Chapter 0099 – Extraordinary Powerful Alchemist

Qing Shui did not notice the expression reflecting in the eyes of Yu He. But that look in Yu He’s eyes did not escape the notice of Yu Donghao. This moment, the joy he felt, was indescribable!

“Hahaha!” Yu Donghao couldn’t control his laughter as the hand that was holding on to Qing Shui trembled with excitement.

“I didn’t think that I would survive to see this day. How can I thank you? How about this, just tell me what I can do for you. As long as I can do it, I would do it!”

Yu Donghao finished his sentence as he shifted his gaze knowingly to Yu He. Yu He lowered her head abashedly, not daring to look at her grandpa nor Qing Shui.

“Old Master Yu, you are too polite. I didn’t bring a celebratory gift for you to celebrate your 80th birthday. Consider this treatment a small gift of mine.” Qing Shui smiled.

“No, how can I accept this. Regardless of what requests you make, as long as it is within my power, I would definitely help you with it.”

Looking at how passionate Yu Donghao was, Qing Shui nodded. He could somewhat understand the helplessness and despair of Yu Donghao, falling from Xiantian to a cripple. Living a life worse than death!

“Any requests?” Qing Shui glanced at Yu He. Yu He noticed that glance, as she frantically shifted her gaze away, her heart thumping rapidly.

“Anything.” Yu Donghao sincerely said.

“Although your Dantian is somewhat recovered, but if you want to regain the power you had at Xiantian, I would still need about half a year more of time. I hope that half a year later, you can dissolve the marriage between Sister Yu and her in-laws. These past few years, she has always been suffering silently.”

“Naturally. Even if you didn’t make this request, I would still do it. It doesn’t count, give me another request.” Yu Donghao exclaimed. He was swimming in joy, this was something he had yearned for countless years, always hoping but not daring to lose himself in his imaginations. Now, it seems that recovery was no longer such a far away thing compared to before.

Qing Shui shook his head. “Let’s me hold off for now, if I have need of your help in the future, I will ask for you again.”

Traces of disappointment flashed in Yu He’s eyes. Yu Donghao noticed, as he said. “Qing Shui, why don’t you consider my granddau……”

“Grandpa, let’s take a rest first, you and Qing Shui must be tired. Qing Shui has expended a lot of energy, let’s talk about other matters later.” Yu He interjected.

“Okay okay, we will talk about this in the future!” Yu Donghao sighed.

Qing Shui did not know why Yu He interjected. He was still looking at the golden needles in his hands, lost in thoughts.

“What a godly technique…..” Flames rose in Qing Shui’s inner heart.

“Over the next few days, I will help Elder to do more acupuncture sessions. Three days later, your Qi should be able to fully circulate. After a week, you should be able to start walking again. As long as you keep circulating your Qi, in half a year, I believe that your strength would recover to the peak of where you once were.” Qing Shui exclaimed. However, he reminded Old Master Yu to take things easy, as things would backfire if he acted too hasty.

Qing Shui sighed, if his current strength was at the 4th layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he would only need a day to heal Yu Donghao. However, he was already extremely satisfied with the results of his experiments. He could actually cure something that was deemed to be incurable by the vast majority in the world of the nine continents. Not to mention waiting half a year to regain back to their original peak of power. Even if was waiting for 5 to 10 years, people would still be extremely willing to do so!

After the treatment, the banquet had already ended.

“Qing Shui, thank you!” Yu He happily exclaimed as she walked Qing Shui to the gate.

“Why are you thanking me, why have you become so courteous?” Qing Shui shrugged his shoulders as he led the horse, and walked together with Yu He onto the streets of Hundred Miles City. The afternoon sun lengthened their shadows as they walked.

“Hehe, I couldn’t imagine, that you Qing Shui, actually knew such a miraculous healing technique. Are you an alchemist?” Yu He regarded Qing Shui as an unknown, brilliant light, flickered in her eyes.

“Hehe, you will know in the future.” Qing Shui mumbled. After all, he was still far away from truly being considered as an alchemist. Alchemist all held revered positions and extraordinary status in the world of the nine continents. There were very few powers that would willingly antagonize an alchemist.

“Smelly brat, still keeping secrets from me!” Yu He pouted.

“Who are you? I will only tell my secrets to my wife!” Qing Shui joked, as his eyes twinkled.

A bashful expression appeared on Yu He face. Suddenly, Yu He felt that Qing Shui, despite being younger than her, had a dependable feeling to him. He had somehow unknowingly matured from the little guy she used to tease, to a real man that could stand in front of her, protecting her!

“Are you asking for a beating!” Yu He clenched her dainty hands into a small fist as she went to hammer Qing Shui. Qing Shui dodged the strikes of Yu He as the air around them was filled with laughter!

To wish Old Master Yu well, the Shi Clan, Ding Clan and Situ Clan all sent someone over. Those that came were of the 2nd or 3rd generation, such as Ding Lang, Ding Yuan and Ding Bao.

Qing Shui wanted very much to see Shi Qingzhuang again, but she did not appear in the list of those who came who were representing the Shi Clan for the Yu Clan’s banquet.

The people that came from the Situ Clan, was Situ Bu Fan, and a leader-like figure that had a baleful aura. Yu He said that this person was none other than the younger generation in-charge, Situ Ba. Qing Shuo frowned. He could faintly sense the barely masked killing intent emanating forth from this guy.

Qing Shui had no idea, the person’s crotch which he exploded, was none other than the son of Situ Ba! Yet, even if he knew, Qing Shui still would have exploded Situ Shang’s little bird all the same.

After setting a time with Yu He for him to come back tomorrow and employ his needle techniques to treat Yu Donghao, Qing Shui left. Now, Qing Shui wanted nothing more than a break through to the 4th level of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

Time flew by, and after a week, Yu Donghao really did manage to regain mobility of his legs. Although the energy channels were still in a recovery state, through the nourishment of the Ancient Qi, as well as an abundance of spiritual herbs to support the recovery, the swift rate of recovery for Yu Donghao, was only to be expected.

Yu Donghao, someone who was crippled for 10 over years, suddenly regained mobility of his legs. This news, caused some clans to be sad while others to be joyful.

According to the rumor Yu Donghao spread, there was an amazing and extraordinarily powerful alchemist that treated him. This rumor was soon treated as the gospel truth. After all, Yu Donghao himself was the best example.

This, caused Qing Shui to laugh. Mysteriously, through nonsensical means, he had somehow become an amazing alchemist of some sorts.

Situ Ba, who had wanted earlier to take his revenge by targeting the Qing Clan, actually restrained himself because of this rumor.

Qing Shui, was very close to Yu He… Extremely close. Yu Donghao treated Qing Shui even better than his own grandson. The balance of power in Hundred Miles City was about to be disrupted. This caused Situ Ba to feel extremely restless and apprehensive.

Qing Shui ignored the happenings of the external world. The progress bar of his alchemy had already reached 10.8%. To achieve 100%, there was still quite a distance to go. A week had passed, but there was still no news regarding Wenren Wu-Shuang. Even the Greenwolf Gang seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

Although Qing Shui admired the leader of the Greenwolf Gang, there was no guarantee that the leader would succeed.

“A week has passed, if they rode on swift horses, they should already reached the Heavenly River City. I wonder if they found Wu-Shuang yet. Although her final destination – the Xue Clan, was already known to them, there may still be unexpected occurrences.” Qing Shui clenched his fist. He was getting increasingly nervous.

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