Chapter: 986

Chapter 986 - Grade Seven State of Immovable as Mountains, Forging Sword

Phoenix Paradise: When the Fire Bird receives fatal damage, it would have a 30% chance to go through a Firebath Rebirth. A successful rebirth would be like a qualitative transformation and its strength would become twice as strong as before.

Qing Shui looked at this last line. It was very tempting. Once the Phoenix Paradise succeeded, it would become twice as strong as before, this should be in reference to the Fire Bird's physical strength. However, it was impossible for him to let the Fire Bird try this skill easily, since the success rate was only 30%. He couldn't begin to imagine what would happen if it failed. A flying beast like the Fire Bird was extremely rare and they had great room for growth and improvement.

The Five-Headed Demonic Spider now had a strength of about 600 stars, a lot more than when he had tamed it in the beginning. Back then, it was about the current Fire Bird's level.

The Five-Headed Demonic Spider's physical strength had reached 100 stars and the Five Qi Origin could increase its physical strength fivefold!

Five Qi Origin: Five-Headed Demonic Spider's innate battle technique, permanently increases its physical strength fivefold and has zero depletion.

Looking at this passive battle technique, Qing Ming thought of how the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Dragon Elephant Force increased its physical strength threefold while the...

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