Chapter: 962

AST 962 - Clearing of The Fifth Heavenly Meridian

Hai Dongqing felt a little at a loss when she heard Hai Dongying’s words from the side. This big brother of hers was very close to her, even more than his own children. But as she grew up, there were some matters that she had to face alone and she didn’t even have anyone to consult with.

Outsiders must envy Hai Dongqing. Her clan, innate skills and appearance were perfect. They would probably feel that God had indeed bestowed too much upon this girl. But as the saying goes, ‘an able man is always busy’. One had their responsibilities for where they stood. If it wasn’t for Qing Shui, she would be a concubine to the Luo Clan and even staying alive until today would be a question.

“Rest assured, big brother. I will protect Dongqing with my life and make her happy to the best of my abilities,” Qing Shui said earnestly to Hai Dongying. This was a form of promise and an insurance.

“Alright, alright. Come, have a seat everyone. Today is a joyous day.” Hai Dongying entertained Qing Shui and some people who were directly related to the Hai Clan.

The table was already full of various dishes. Meat and vegetable dishes each took up half of the table, their aroma rich in the air. They had actually expected this day to come too, but just didn’t think that it would come so suddenly.

Hai Dongqing had become the Hai Clan’s head. The Old Ancestor of the Hai Clan had already handed over everything to Hai Dongqing. The prosperity of the Hai Clan hinged on her from now on. He had already known about Qing Shui’s abilities from before, so at that time he thought that things would’ve been most wonderful if Hai Dongqing and Qing Shui could become husband and wife.

But then Qing Shui left. One year passed, then two years, five years…… there weren’t any news about him. Under the lead of Hai Dongqing, the Hai Clan had become way stronger than before. Memories of Qing Shui gradually faded away. But she’d still feel a little pity when she thought about him occasionally.

No one expected Qing Shui’s sudden appearance today, let alone the fact that he had come with an instant marriage proposal. So everyone was elated about it. This was just what they wanted. Besides, they also knew that the current strongest lady of the Hai Clan wasn’t going to marry anyone, but Qing Shui and they believed that Hai Dongqing knew that too. The young men in this region had a hard time just being natural in front of Hai Dongqing. For a man to be weaker than a woman and hail from a less glorious clan, it was inevitable that he would feel inferior. Even the others would also think that these people weren’t worthy of Hai Dongqing…

Everyone here was closest to her by blood and also her true family, so they were all hoping for Qing Shui to appear. It didn’t matter even if he was not as powerful as he was back in the days, they only wished for Hai Dongqing to find her destiny and be happy.

“Uncle, let me propose a toast to you! I wish aunt and you great happiness!” Hai Shiya happily raised her wine cup to Qing Shui and smiled. It felt generous and natural. Hai Clan’s everything and her everything were bestowed by this man. Their respect came from their innermost hearts, it wasn’t merely shallow words.

Qing Shui raised his cup and smiled, “Thank you!”

The atmosphere in the great hall was amazing. Everyone offered their best blessings and enjoyed the meal and wine. An hour passed in a flash.

“Consider these betrothal gifts!” Qing Shui took out some stuff. It was basically the same set as he had given to the Mu Clan, with the Violet Jade Swords as the main gifts. Half of that large violet jade in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal had been used up.

The people of the Hai Clan accepted them graciously. Qing Shui suggested Hai Dongying distribute them on the spot. The sword users immediately took away one sword each. There were also jade pendants, scythes and sabres but only a very small number of them, about only two or three of each.

“Uncle, why do I not see the stuff for my aunt?” Hai Long smilingly asked Qing Shui when he received a Violet Jade Sword. He was very pleased with this Violet Jade Sword. Very pleased indeed. To the current Hai Clan, this thing was a Divine Artifact.

The Thunder God that Luo Di from the Luo Clan held back then could only double strength and that was already considered a very powerful weapon. Not a lot of people in the entire Cold Ice City could hold a weapon of that caliber.

“Hehe, of course there’s something for her.” Qing Shui took out a Violet Jade Immortal Sword that appeared to be more graceful and gorgeous compared to the other Violet Jade Swords. But the amount of strength increase remained the same. That was because if the strength increase was anymore than this, the user’s body wouldn’t be able to endure it. He then took out the Violet Jade Earrings, Violet Jade Necklace and Violet Jade Bracelet. They made a full set and the violet was majestic. Even without wearing them, one could definitely already tell how divine Hai Dongqing would look with them on her.

“Well, we’ve enjoyed a meal and some wine. This affair has also been settled perfectly. This old man is getting tired, so I shall return and get some rest now,” The Old Ancestor of Hai Clan stood up and announced happily.

“Old man!” Qing Shui hurriedly called out.

“Hehe, this old man is very happy. This jade pendant is very well-made. Thank you, Qing Shui.”

After the Old Ancestor of the Hai Clan left, the rest followed suit. Hai Dongying stood up to leave too. “Uncle, have a nice chat with my aunt……” Hai Shiya left with a smile and she was the final person to leave.

Qing Shui sent them off with a smile. It was as if he had become the host now…

Hai Dongqing’s face heated up a little. She was very nervous right now and she had never been this nervous before. She had thought about this day so many times, but she just didn’t expect it to happen so abruptly.

She was sitting there, with the Violet Jade Sword, Violet Jade Earrings, necklace and bracelet that Qing Shui had given to her on the table…

She was happy and indescribably blissful at the same time. She had no more regrets after today. When she lifted her head, she saw Qing Shui standing before her. She hurriedly tried to get up, but Qing Shui stopped her by pushing down on her shoulders instead with a smile.

“Qing’er don’t move!” Qing Shui crouched in front of her with a smile and raised his head to look at her. Looking at her shy and gorgeous face, he felt extremely happy and blessed in this moment.

He slowly embraced Hai Dongqing by her waist and buried his face into her lower abdomen. Words couldn’t describe how relaxed he felt right now. The faint sweet scent wafted into his nose and he could feel Hai Dongqing’s delicate body quivering slightly.

She patted the top of his head slowly in silence, as her heart gradually calmed down. After a short while, Qing Shui gently lifted his head and stood up.

“Let me help you to put them on!” Qing Shui smiled and took the Violet Jade Necklace.

“Sure!” Hai Dongqing nodded her head in happiness.

Her fair and long delicate neck appeared even more beautiful and attractive after being decorated by the necklace. She was a jade-like beauty and the Violet Jade Necklace brought out her gracefulness and aura of extravagance even more.

He picked up the Violet Jade Earrings, next he stared at her delicate and translucent ear, he had a strong sudden impulse to kiss it. The moment his hand came into contact with her earlobe, she trembled violently. Qing Shui laughed. So this was her sensitive spot, she must have felt ticklish just now…

After the bracelet was put on her, Qing Shui scrutinized this person who was already his woman. He knew that women loved pearls and jewels because these items could add an aura of extravagance. But Hai Dongqing already possessed a very powerful noble temperament. Wearing these violet jades would merely be adding flowers to brocade. But even so, the outcome was quite decent.

Qing Shui passed the Violet Jade Sword to her. “Try it out!”


Noon had only passed and the snowflakes were still dancing endlessly. The ground was already covered with snow right now. It was all a silvery white color as far as one’s eyes could see.

A sword dance!

Hai Dongqing’s feet stepped on the snow. The gleam of the Violet Jade Sword in her hands was like a rainbow. She didn’t really get the chance to sense the sword properly when she had accepted it earlier. As long as it was a gift from Qing Shui, it would be most valuable.

Hai Dongqing’s strength was initially close to four stars. With the Violet Jade Immortal Sword, it was boosted to eleven stars. Her former weapon was quite decent, but it was significantly inferior to the Violet Jade Sword.

Luo Di, who was the strongest among Cold Ice City back in the days, only possessed the strength of merely a little more than two stars. The current Hai Dongqing had already surpassed him by too much, although she was still quite a long way from becoming a Martial Emperor.

A sharp violet-colored sword beam shot out gray clouds. Hai Dongqing started before turning her head around and giving Qing Shui a smile. She whirled her body and the Violet Jade Sword gleamed, as if flowers of light were blooming on it.

Her smile was as brilliant as the starlight.

Hai Dongqing stopped and put away the Violet Jade Sword. She then walked to Qing Shui’s side and gave him a small smile. When she looked at Qing Shui with her sparkling beautiful eyes, Qing Shui was reminded of the time when he met her in the Greencloud Continent. Her old feelings had come back to her again now. She should be happier in the Greencloud Continent compared to the time when she was in Cold Ice City.


At night, Hai Dongqing searched for a bedroom with Qing Shui. Qing Shui was smiling, as he followed behind her silently.

This was her manor. This was her private place as the Hai Clan’s head. No one else would come in if there wasn’t an important matter. Hai Dongqing led him here with a red face.

“Do not laugh!” She reprimanded Qing Shui when she saw that teasing smile on his face.

“Why would I? My lady, just which room are you leading me to? I will only sleep in your bedroom tonight.” Qing Shui looked at the lady who already had her head lowered before him in amusement.

“Fine, but you are not allowed to touch me tonight,” Hai Dongqing said in a serious tone of voice.

“In that case, you should just find me another bedroom!” Qing Shui smiled wryly when he saw the serious look on Hai Dongqing’s face.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go. I want to sleep in your arms tonight,” Hai Dongqing’s shy whisper caused blood to rush straight to Qing Shui’s brain.

On the second floor!

The building’s second floor was a living room that wasn’t too big. The floor was covered by a violet rug. The soft sensation on his bare feet felt extremely comfortable. Qing Shui looked at Hai Donqing’s fair and jade-like feet that were equally as bare as his. She reached out to hold his hands. Her face was so red that it almost seemed like tears were about to fall down from her eyes. Qing Shui watched her with a smile. It seemed like the heart of this graceful lady was stirred.

Qing Shui suddenly picked her up in his arms. After a suppressed cry of alarm was heard, they made their way towards the bedroom.

Hai Dongqing buried her face into Qing Shui’s chest. It was evident that she was very nervous from her quivering.

Her bedroom wasn’t too huge and seemed to be very cozy. Her bed was very huge though and could fit three people on it. The thick snowy blanket was white, as though it was untainted by even a speck of dust. The blanket and huge pillow on the bed were entirely snowy white in color.

The bedroom had a hint of faint fragrance that smelled just like Hai Dongqing. Qing Shui immediately lay down on that fluffy bed with her in his arms.

“You’re afraid!” Qing Shui laughed gently when he sensed her nervousness.

Hai Dongqing realized that Qing Shui didn’t make any advances, so she lifted her head and answered with a red face. “A little…”

Qing Shui chuckled mischievously before he flipped over and pinned her down. Both of their faces were very close to each other. Qing Shui’s body had an immediate reaction to the curvy delicate body that was pinned underneath him.

Hai Dongqing had clearly felt it too. Perhaps she had let out a shy yelp when Qing Shui suddenly flipped her over, but Qing Shui was already kissing those red lips the very next moment.

Both of his hands were kneading her plump, perky and perfectly round rear. He was planting kisses in between those tall mounds that were covered by a layer of fabric…

Clothes were slowly stripped away. The two naked bodies wrapped around each other!

It was going to be a long night, as they were engulfed in boundless pleasures within the room!



Qing Shui was the only one who heard that clear noise. It came from within his body. This time, he was very sure that one of his Heavenly Meridians was cleared.

That was the fifth among the Twelve Heavenly Meridians!

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