Chapter: 961

Chapter 961 - I’m Willing To Do Anything For You, Dongqing Returns Home

Qing Shui stared at the quivering woman akin to the poppy flowers amidst the breeze. His heart was filled with love, as he slowly lowered his head to kiss her lips gently.

A delicate fragrance traveled to his nose, a scent that Qing Shui particularly adored. The softness of her lips was tender and lovely, sending his mind into a blank as he continued to press his lips against her delicate lips and suck on them gently. He held her in his arms, pressing her against his chest unconsciously with a gentle force.

Lady Duanmu couldn’t help it, but open her mouth slightly to let out a gasp when Qing Shui embraced her suddenly. He took the opportunity of the moment and slithered his tongue into her mouth, locking his tongue with hers as they continued to share a few kisses passionately.

They continued to do so without the perception of time before they finally stopped. Qing Shui smacked his lips satisfyingly, enjoying the lovely taste of her mouth as he glanced back at the bashful mature woman in front of him.


“Mm!” Lady Duanmu lifted her head slightly, but avoided his glance completely.

“I have to go now. Do you have anything you want to say to me before I leave?” Qing Shui held her hands and let out a few chuckles.

“Be careful on your journey!” Lady Duanmu only said one sentence and stopped. Qing Shui couldn’t tell what she was currently...

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