Chapter: 960

Chapter 960 - Favor, Psychological Attack, The Eve Of Departure

Qing Shui understood after a while, recognizing Hu Yanlin’s Back Connecting Fist as an ‘appropriate method’ that could yield twice the result with half the effort. The Back Connecting Fist seemed to have cleared a few points of his meridians, creating a flow of Qi as smooth as an unhindered river stream.

His fists were as fast as thunder, exploding the air with each succession of moves, yet with the smooth movement of flowing water. When he turned around and saw Qing Shui approaching, he flashed an honest smile and went to greet him.

“Mr. Qing!”

Hu Yanlin gave a reverent greeting to Qing Shui, who was smiling back as he walked closer to him. “How does it feel?” asked Qing Shui.

“Very good,” Hu Yanlin chuckled with an expression of utmost excitement. Ever since Lady Duanmu and the others returned safely, he didn’t manage to get a wink of sleep and continued to cultivate his skills in the backyard. He had been practicing all night while waiting for Qing Shui to come in the morning.

Because Qing Shui asked him to wait for him in the morning, he stayed the whole night until dawn. He didn’t know how early Qing Shui wanted to meet him and he didn’t want Qing Shui to wait for him, so he decided to stay in the backyard until morning while mastering his Back Connecting Fist, striking the iron while it was hot.

“Eat these.” Qing Shui handed ten Five Elements Earth Fruits to Hu Yanlin, whose body...

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