Chapter: 959

AST 959 - Destroying the Clan, Establishing Authority, Forging The Other Thunder God

"Kill! Don't leave a single person from the Duanmu Clan alive!"

Hearing the old man's decisive command, Qing Shui no longer had any hesitation. There wasn't any need to be lenient on the Lei Clan any further. He waved his hand and called out the Five-Headed Demonic Spider, letting it stay on guard next to Lady Duanmu.

He took one step forward and sent out a fierce hit toward the leading old man.

Critical Tiger Attack!


A crisp sound rang out. Even though Qing Shui wasn't holding the Thunder God, these people were still no match for him. The old man in the lead was only a step away from Martial Emperor and had a strength of 90 stars.

This was the leading and formidable existence in Duanmu City. However, right now, he was up against Qing Shui, a cultivator who could hit out with a strength of close to 2,900 stars. Even without his Thunder God, he would have a strength of close to 500 stars.

Under the amazing effects of the Nine Palace Steps, in a short moment, both of the old man's arms were crushed. Qing Shui had unleashed a furious attack and if the old man had not worn armor to protect the vital parts of his body, this attack would have been sufficient to claim his life. However, as it was, he was already on the verge of his deathbed.

Many people from the Lei Clan who had noticed this were dumbstruck. They couldn't believe what had happened right before their eyes. The dominating existence in Duanmu City, the Lei Clan's clan head had been crippled by a young man in a single move...

Who on earth was this young man?

How strong was he? It seemed that he was very close with Lady Duanmu. If she had such a strong support behind her, why did he only come out now?

Qing Shui knew what he had to do. Flashing as he moved, each time he leaped, one life would be taken. Everything was completed very cleanly. He was like a ghost from hell, appearing elusively in every corner, reaping one life after another, regardless young or old.

Instant kill!

Lady Duanmu stared in a daze at Qing Shui's silhouette. Since when had he become so powerful? In the past, he wasn't even as strong as her. Although his martial techniques were very strange, his abilities were simply unfathomable. What had he been through in the past few years...

She looked at Qing Shui, then at the huge Five-Headed Demonic Spider which was protecting her. She had read many books and knew a lot about the demonic beasts in this world, including this Five-Headed Demonic Spider before her.

It was a Martial Emperor existence.

Even his demonic beast was at a Martial Emperor level. If he had called this out earlier, then she would not have had to feel worried. This rascal had intentionally wanted her to feel worried, force her to have a bet with him and then ended up losing.

Thinking of how she had to reward him if she lost the bet, her mind went into chaos when she thought of the "reward that doesn't go that far". She also felt a little bit of an indescribable joy. It should be related to his victory. From the start, she had only thought of herself losing her bet. It was because this was the only way that they could all keep their lives.

However, now that she knew that she could live, she started panicking over that bet earlier. As her imagination ran wild, her eyes followed Qing Shui. In the time required for a few breaths, there were only three members from the opposing side left. They were three middle-aged men and Qing Shui had even killed over ten of those snow eagles by stomping down on them. The remaining ones had made their escape.

It was only when there was no one left around Qing Shui, that he then brushed his hands together before looking toward Lady Duanmu who was staring at him in a daze.

Lady Duanmu had a problem processing this. It was so simple. What had meant a huge disaster to them, had been easily resolved by him in just a short moment. It was the same as what happened in the afternoon, but this time around he went for the kill each time.

The Lei Clan's corpses dropped one by one, dropping down on the street of Duanmu City. Each time the people on the ground saw one, they would let out a huge outcry from shock and excitement. Of course, they spent most of the time staring at that figure in the sky who was like a demon. The impact dealt to them was tremendous, both visually and mentally.

"It's too terrifying. Each of them were killed with a single slash from a blade!" a fatty put his hand to his chest and cried out in astonishment.

"Fatty, where did you see that they were each killed with a single slash from a blade? Is he holding a sabre?" a rough young man next to him asked.

"It's really scary to be uncivilized. I'm just stating an analogy. It means to kill in a single move." the fatty grinned and said.


The people from the Duanmu Clan cheered in joy. They had heard what the leading old man shouted earlier. He had wanted to wipe out their entire clan. Some of the more timid ones even broke down crying. When one's life was being threatened, not many people would be able to keep a calm face. At that time, many women and children from the Duanmu Clan had all cried.

However, what they saw next was the guy breaking through the enemies, killing them one by one, one-sidedly, they couldn't describe what they felt. They even felt as if they suddenly could see through some things clearly now.

Only when a person was going through a life and death situation would their minds be easily cleansed and their mindsets and stuff would all go through a tremendous change. In the past, many people from the Duanmu Clan felt that Lady Duanmu shouldn't hog onto the position of being the clan's head, but now they no longer had the same resentment as before. They suddenly felt that it wasn't easy for this woman to hold up the entire clan either.

Other than her, there seemed to be no one else in the clan who could take on this heavy responsibility. Many people now felt that they had done great wrongs in the past. Why did they have such a strong bias? Was it only because she was a woman or that she could only be considered an outsider? But everything that she had done was for the Duanmu Clan.

They had seen what she had done for them over the years. Lady Duanmu's husband had died young and even if she were to remarry, no one would be able to stop her. However, she didn't do so. It was because it would leave a bad reputation on the Duanmu Clan. She brought up her daughter by herself and still had to plan for the Duanmu Clan's future.

In this final moment, to keep the clan alive, she stayed back to stand against the Lei Clan. She had always seen herself as a member of the Duanmu Clan. Otherwise, she could have chosen to leave at this point. However, she didn't do so. Good heartedness is often rewarded and she ended up receiving help.


Qing Shui walked up next to Lady Duanmu. He looked at this woman who was in a daze, not saying a word, but just smiled as he looked at her.

In this moment, she suddenly felt that this guy was very unfamiliar to her. She wasn't able to process all this and only smiled and said after a very long while, "Let's go down!"

Putting away his Five-Headed Demonic Spider, the two of them returned back to the Duanmu Clan. There would naturally be people who would deal with those corpses. After they had descended, Qing Shui told Lady Duanmu to lead some people and make their way towards the Lei Clan. Qing Shui didn't join them. He didn't wish to be involved in such scenarios. He neither cared for the wealth, nor wanted to get involved with them. He merely let the Five-Headed Demonic Spider go along with them.

"Since the Lei Clan wanted to make an example out of the Duanmu Clan to establish their authority, then let the Duanmu Clan be the one to establish their authority this time around!" Looking at the sky, Qing Shui headed to his room. Everything had ended and thus the effect he had wanted had been attained.

Lady Duanmu led the people from the Duanmu Clan. This time around, she could clearly sense their changes. In the past, she had always felt hatred or other gazes, as if someone was staring at her from the back with vicious glares, giving her an uncomfortable feeling.

However, this time around, she realized that there were more feelings of understanding in their gazes and she broke into a faint smile. However, she thought of that increasingly daring little guy or rather, he was already now a matured man.

The Lei Clan was a powerful clan and had gotten their hands on quite a number of properties and benefits for the past two years. Their clan and properties were both very big and they were very wealthy. This time around, the Duanmu Clan could also get their hands on quite a considerable amount of wealth through them. This would allow the Duanmu Clan's development to be even faster and they would become an unmovable presence in Duanmu City in the future. Those who wished to lay their hands on the Duanmu Clan would need to give consideration to that guy's abilities. Since he could wipe out the Lei Clan for Lady Duanmu, then he could do the same to other people.

After having cleared up the remnants from the Lei Clan, Qing Shui no longer had any worries. With the Five-Headed Demonic Spider and Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable joining them, there wouldn't be any accidents. It would be useless no matter how many old-good-for-nothings they had in the Lei Clan. They were no match for the Five-Headed Demonic Spider.

Qing Shui had entered Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It was about time.

After some cultivation, he spent some time on refining medicinal pills. The alchemy recipe for the Violet Qi Pellet would be coming out very soon and he had some anticipation for it. The increase in his experience was very slow.

He looked at the other Thunder God which he had put aside for a very long time. Back then, he had gotten his hands on two of them. The effects of using both Thunder Gods were the same as when he used just one of it, thus Qing Shui had always been using just one of them.

Therefore, he decided to give one to Hu Yanlin now. After all, it was impossible for him to forge this one into another Violet Star Thunder God. He didn't have the Violet Star Stone as a material and Qing Shui had no plans to use two hammers.

The feeling of forging the hammer was still alright, after all, Qing Shui had been practicing his Art of Forging. However, Qing Shui didn't go overboard with the materials used for fear that the effects of the hammer would be too strong and Hu Yanlin might end up not being able to use it.

Another thing was that Hu Yanlin would be breaking through to the Martial Saint realm soon, as long as he could completely control the Qi in his body. Qing Shui had also prepared some Five Elements Fruits for him. The reason Qing Shui helped him so much was that he felt that he was quite a nice person, but most importantly it was for Lady Duanmu.

He was the husband of Lady Duanmu's daughter and Lady Duanmu's greatest wish was for her daughter to have a happy and blissful life. This was why Qing Shui was helping him like this.

There weren't many changes to how the Thunder God looked. Only higher level techniques and the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique was used in the forging. He used the Penta Color Art of Forging and after a half day, the Thunder God shone in a bright glow.

He had succeeded!

Qing Shui didn't feel much joy, but he used his Heavenly Vision Technique on this brand new Thunder God.

Thunder God, could increase the user's strength by twofold and increase one's attacking speed by 5%.

It wasn’t bad. It also increased one's speed by 5%.

Qing Shui waved it for a short while and then put it down. He then looked at the Big Dipper Sword and the materials were complete too. However, he continued to suppress his urge to forge the Big Dipper Sword right now. He thought of waiting for a while until his Penta-Colored Art of Forging has stabilized before forging it. After all, there was still the wolf fang which was hard to come by. He was afraid of wasting ingredients and there would be nothing he could do if they were to go to waste.

He then continued with his cultivation, forging, alchemy, Talisman drawing, drawing the Hundred Forms of the Tiger...


In the middle, Qing Shui came out twice. He saw that everything in the Duanmu Clan was normal, with sounds of happiness spreading through the house. Lady Duanmu had even come to his room twice and left when she saw that it was dark inside.

The next day, Qing Shui woke up early and headed for the backyard. Before he reached the backyard, he could hear the sounds of a person practicing fist techniques. When he saw Hu Yanlin, he was stunned.

He had made such progress in a day. The progress Qing Shui was referring to was the suppressing of the violent aura in his body. Right now, the Qi in his body was slowly calming down.

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