Chapter: 954

Chapter 954 - Within the Nine Palace, He Was the King! As a Mother!

But right now, he couldn’t even fight back. He had suffered no less than ten blows in between. Every blow had sent Mo Zitong flying. He had only managed to counterattack once before the scene from earlier repeated itself, unless he could endure the blows. But there was no point of enduring the blows because he couldn’t even turn the situation of a single technique around. If it wasn’t for the miraculous battle armor on him, he would have been injured long ago. He could only use an absolute power to face this type of situation. Otherwise, he couldn’t even get near him.

“Do you think there’s still a need to fight?” Qing Shui questioned while he fought.

“You can’t break the defense of my battle armor. It’s still hard to determine the outcome of the battle!” Mo Zitong’s last bit of hope was a competition of endurance.

“I wonder if your head is as hard as your body!” Qing Shui said coldly while looking at Mo Zitong. If his opponent didn’t know when to admit defeat, Qing Shui wouldn’t mind teaching him a lesson.

Mo Zitong knew that he had been defeated. His opponent had been lenient towards him. But in a battle like this, he couldn’t perform to his full strength. He was utterly defeated in the face of his opponent’s absolute speed. He didn’t...

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