Chapter: 950

Chapter 950 - Leaving, Eagle Jiao Beast, Follow The Trail

Now that Qing Shui had saved his life, the tears of gratitude weren’t enough to show how grateful Qin Zongheng was. The promise of standing by Qing Shui’s side through severe trials wasn’t a lie and the debt of gratitude would never be fully repaid. Weng Xue looked at Qing Shui with eyes full of tears, but with a sincere smile flashing across her face.

Even though Qin Zongheng could feel pain in his flesh, as well as his mind, Weng Xue was the one enduring the most excruciating pain in her heart - the suffering she had born on her shoulders was nothing short of exhausting. Because of that, Qin Zongheng was more than determined to persevere as long as he was still breathing. No matter how painful it was, all he had to do was to endure the pain with perseverance.

The purpose of saving Qin Zongheng’s life was more complex than one could imagine. Qin Zongheng was the son of Sky City’s City Lord. Sky City was extremely powerful, definitely much stronger than the Mu Clan and the mighty sect of the Godly Sword Clan.

If Qing Shui was right, there should be Grade Five Martial Emperors in Sky City. Cultivators of such strength would be comparable to the members of the Demon Gate. However, such powerful sects were known to extend their power by setting up sect branches all over the continent, allowing the sect members to harbor a superiority complex and a condescending attitude. Most people would be repulsed by the arrogance and egoistic nature of these sect...

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