Chapter 95 - Tragedy of being Powerless

Chapter 95 Tragedy of being Powerless.

Chapter 0095 – Tragedy of being Powerless

“Father, that little bastard Qing Shui crippled my son Shang`er.”

“What? What did you say? Explain clearly. Why would Shang`er antagonize that little bastard?”

“You should know the personality of this child Shang`er, somehow he met Qing Shui earlier, and scolded Qing Shui. The end result, Qing Shui directly wasted him.” Situ Ba hatefully said, both of his hands were clenched into fists, trembling by his sides.

“The Qing Clan is obviously advocating provocation. They even dare to do this, not caring for our status in Hundred Miles City. Father, I must definitely cripple Qing Shui. If not, how can I still hold my head high in the future?”

Upon hearing what Situ Ba said, Situ Nantian didn’t immediately reply. In his heart, he felt the same as Situ Ba. How could he feel good if his own grandson was in such a sorry state? If he was beaten up, no harm was done, but now, he would definitely have no chance of becoming a father. This humiliation, is too tough to bear.

“The Qing Clan truly does not know what death is. Do they really think that with the lone Peak Houtian Qing Luo, they can do as they wish in Hundred Miles City? Ba`er, carry Shang`er to the Qing Clan. No matter what, I want to talk it over. We need to win the battle of logic before we make a move. Since the Qing Clan disregarded the matter of face, we don’t have to care so much about the consequences anymore.” Situ Nantian appeared to be deep in thoughts, as he replied.

Upon hearing Situ Nantian’s reply, Situ Ba nodded his agreement as he prepared to leave.

“Bring more people, call your 3rd uncle along. Remember, we will go only after Shang`er’s injuries have stabilized.” Situ Nantian added, as he drank a mouthful of tea. His expression was no longer as calm as compared to earlier.


Qing Shui continued practicing his cultivation as well as increasing his expertise in concocting pills. The Yu He Inn’s business got more and more popular as the taste of the black fish got wildly exaggerated. This was food from the realm of gods, or so some of the rumors said.

The results of that was it attracted even more customers over. Among them, were some customers like Uncle Lei of the Situ Clan. They could tell that the miraculous taste was not derived from a person’s cooking skill, but was instead from the original taste of the fish itself.

Although the business of Yu He Inn was blooming, Yu He got increasingly frustrated. This was because her elder brothers and uncles now wanted a share of Yu He Inn.

Yu He knew that they were here purely for the black fish. They were jealous of the benefits and wealth that Yu He was earning, that was why they wanted a stake of the business. After that, they could slowly trace who the supplier of the black fish was, and then they would then use their considerable wealth to buy out the supplier, leaving none for the Yu He Inn and thus boosting their own income.

All of this was very clear to Yu He. After all, she knew the history of these guys. Thus, she had no choice but to find reasons to reject them, which caused much unhappiness. Luckily the grandpa of Yu He doted on her very much. Although he was no longer Xiantian level, some of his might from before still remained. Furthermore, he was still their elder.

Yu He was lost in a daze, as Qing Shui entered her room. The door was open, so Qing Shui could see the brows of Yu He tightly knit together, revealing traces of worry. However, even with a face full of worry, it did nothing to diminish her beauty.

“Boom boom boom!” Qing Shui knocked on the door, causing Yu He to awaken from her earlier dazed state. After realizing that it was Qing Shui, she cast a glare over at him as she scowled.

“What happened? You are acting like a little girl. Were you dreaming of your prince charming riding on a 7-colored cloud, equipped with a golden armor, coming to marry you? Well, I’m here now.” Qing Shui smiled as he walked over.

“Pfft, your black fish are causing me endless trouble.” Yu He slightly pouted, which caused Qing Shui to gulp. Somehow, this action of Yu He was very appealing to him.

“Trouble? What happened?” Qing Shui did not feel too surprised. After all, good things would surely invoke jealousy and envy from others.

“The members of my clan are the troublemakers. Usually, they wouldn’t even care about me. Other than my grandpa, the rest of them don’t treat me as part of the Yu Clan at all. Now that they see my Yu He Inn rolling in the money, all of them want a stake in it. Were it not for my grandpa, the Yu He Inn would have been snatched away long ago.” Yu He angrily exclaimed.

“Oh, is your grandpa still okay?” Qing Shui didn’t want to comment on the actions of the members of the Yu Clan, thus he found an excuse to divert the topic.

“Still in the same old state, he’s paralyzed from waist down. To think that he had once reached Xiantian, but now he has ended up in such dire straits” Yu He’s eyes reddened with tears.

Qing Shui knew that she was very closed to her grandfather, since childhood she was brought up by her grandfather. Back when Yu He had an marriage engagement, her grandfather was still a Xiantian-level existence. Who knew that the groom was so ill-fated, that he actually died before he had a chance to consummate his marriage with Yu He. At that point of time, when her grandfather was still a Xiantian, annulling the marriage would have been as easy as flipping his palms over. However, it was in bad taste for them to announce the annulment of marriage straight after the unfortunate incident, and thus, her grandfather had decided to hold back. However, as the fates would have it, soon afterward, the demonic beast incident occurred, and her grandfather was crippled. The 18 year old Yu He, had remained a widow since then, up until now when she had already reached 28.

The criteria of the family of the groom to annul the marriage was simple. As long as someone at the Xiantian-level asked it of them, they would be willing to do so. All they wanted was a stage for them to exit. However, it was precisely because of this criteria that they had caused such a ravishing beauty to waste 10 years of her youth, doomed to a lifetime of loneliness.

Xiantian, in all of Hundred Miles City, which boasted a population of 5 million people, the number of Xiantian cultivators could be counted on both hands!

“In 3 days it’s my grandpa’s 80th birthday. Can you come with me?” Yu He lightly whispered.

Qing Shui was somewhat puzzled, why did Yu He suddenly invite him along? After what he did with Shi Qingzhuang, Qing Shui had decided to focus solely on Shi Qingzhuang. As for the matter with Wenren Wu-Shuang, his concern was borne from pure friendship, nothing more, nothing less.

The moment when love sparkles between a man and a woman, can be instantaneous, and in unexpected situations!

It was not that he never once thought of possessing Shi Qingzhuang,Yu He and Wenren Wu-Shuang. However, people change as time goes by. Wenren Wu-Shuang was someone that could make him fall head over heels, and if there were no unexpected situations occurring, the person that he would most likely woo would be none other than Wu-Shuang. However, such is life. Who knew that the matter with Shi Qingzhuang would suddenly pop out in the middle of nowhere. Now, Qing Shui only wanted to be nice to Shi Qingzhuang. Regretfully, things were never as simple as they seemed.

Because even now, Qing Shui couldn’t begin to guess at Shi Qingzhuang’s heart!

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