Chapter: 947

Chapter 947 - Form, The path to Demon Gate, Consternation

There were only five of them at the dinner table, including the two children. Weng Xue was quite powerful. She was a Peak Martial Saint with the strength of about 50 stars. Qin Zongheng was an Early Martial Emperor and Qing Shui felt that he must be very powerful.

“We are family now. Qing Shui, don’t stand on ceremony. Have more wine!”

Qin Zongheng drank enthusiastically with Qing Shui. One of the reasons he could hold the title as the Vice Castellan of Sky City was because of his exceptional ability. At least, in terms of reading people, he was definitely better than others. His wife, Weng Xue, also helped in his career over the years. Her influential position in Hundred Flowers Valley meant that she was well known in the group of upper-tier cultivators. She had also helped solve many of Qin Zongheng problems.

His title meant that he was the successor of the current Castellan. However, although a Vice Castellan was chosen from each generation, the position of Castellan was not passed down, but was instead based on a person’s strength, not his age nor generation.

For someone to become the Castellan, they not only had to be capable but also had to have a network of powerful connections. After all, a person who wants to achieve great...

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