Chapter: 945

Chapter 945 - Heavenly Cloud Pavilion, Yu He’s departure

The carpeting from the entryway of the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion to its interior was brown. It suited the simple, minimalistic design of the building, giving the entire place an uplifting elegance. Qing Shui liked this particular style of architecture. Even though everyone could appreciate buildings like the Octagon Inn, which were built to look luxurious, Qing Shui felt that both styles could display their owners upper-class status and taste.

Once he entered, a waiter quickly came to welcome him. “Table for two? Please come in.”

“Thank you!” Qing Shui replied as he and Yu He followed the young waiter to the upper floors. For a restaurant of this size to operate in Sky city, it should not be any less influential or powerful than Marionette Sect.

More importantly, it had a ‘Heavenly’ in its name, though Qing Shui wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with its position in Sky City.

The two of them were brought to the third floor and were directed to a table in a corner as the tables by the windows were already full. Qing Shui told the waiter to get them one portion of every specialty dish in the restaurant.

“Do you know who owns Heavenly Cloud Pavilion?” Yu...

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