Chapter: 944

Chapter 944 - Scarlet Flame Flying Heavenly Frog, Arrival at the Central Continent

When Qing Shui saw what these people were like, he had no intentions of letting them off. Moreover, these people were from the Marionette Sect, making Qing Shui feel that it was even more reason for him not to let them off.

These people were considered top notch warriors and would be in the limelight no matter where they went. It was a pity that the population in the world of the nine continents was too great and thus no matter how strong one was, there would always be someone out there who was stronger. Even though they were strong, there were quite a number of warriors who were at their level. This was also something which Qing Shui had only realized after becoming one of those who was at the Martial Emperor level.

If one wasn't of this level, it would be hard for him to come into contact with the events that would occur to the people of this level.

Yu He's expression was cold, not saying a word. She knew that Qing Shui wouldn't let them off, therefore she had no plans to make a move. These people really didn't think much about the two of them.

"Everyone attack together! After we kill this fellow, that woman will be ours!" The 3rd Brother saw that things couldn't be settled easily. When dealing with people who could launch spiritual attacks, they would...

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