Chapter: 938

Chapter 938 - Qing Shui’s level of abilities, Tiger Form evolving, Raging Blow

Sixth Grade of State of Immovable as Mountains!

Qing Shui looked at the soybean sized earthen-yellow pellet. He was incomparably excited. Once the Qi mass formed a pellet, it was considered to be a huge breakthrough. It was a transformation and a huge qualitative change.

The thing in the middle of his Dantian was the Jindan, condensed from the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Now, it was slightly larger than a walnut. This time, it had changed even further and the strength it now had, made Qing Shui want to laugh. He had never expected such a big change to happen this time.

The Jindan was in the middle and beside it were two other pellets. One was the size of a toe and the other was the size of a soybean. They were slowly revolving around the Jindan. There was no conflict between them and in fact, they seemed to be in a certain harmony. Like planets revolving around the sun, the system was very mysterious.

The only revolving Qi mass was the Emperor's Qi. Qing Shui did not know what the change to the Emperor's Qi had been. Nonetheless, it could decrease 20% of the opponent’s abilities. Anyone within his vision could not escape.

The most important thing that he already knew was that it was impossible to level it up further....

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