Chapter: 935

Chapter 935 - Roc's Might, Departure, Ancient Legends

That emerald colored poison Qi seemed to have sensed how terrifying the Nature Energy was, but the Nature Energy which had been through a breakthrough wasn't something that could be compared with what it was previously. In the past, it was like a small stream, but right now it was like a great river. The Nature Energy caught up very quickly and like a big fish devouring a small one, swallowed up that emerald colored poison Qi.

The remaining half of the emerald poison Qi couldn't even do anything and was dissolved. The difference of the Nature Energy before and after it had leveled up was too great. A Grade Seven Nature Energy was much more powerful than the Grade Six Nature Energy.

After repeated checks to make sure that the emerald colored poison Qi had already disappeared, Qing Shui was now relieved. He then started to sense the Nature Energy which had leveled up, which gave it a stronger air of oppression.

Oppressing with aura!

Qing Shui tried to bring up his Qi, gathering up all his aura together through the Nature Energy. It was only after it had reached the Niwan Palace and mixed with his spirit energy before they started to surge out.

"Mmm, very powerful!" Qing Shui sensed the changes to the aura, but kept having a feeling that something was wrong. It wasn't a smooth feeling and just...

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