Chapter: 916

Chapter 916 - Violet Star Stone, Penta-color Ancient Art of Forging Technique

Looking at the bloody wound, she took up a fresh towel and submerged it in a bucket of warm water with a natural motion, yet in a way as if she had never treated a wound before. She then took the wet towel and cleaned the blood surrounding the wound and proficiently applied medicine to the wound. After that, she unwrapped a new roll of bandage and began re-wrapping the treated wound with the bandage.

Qing Shui’s wounds had actually healed up for the most part but the surface still appeared scarred and pulsing with blood. The wound was healing from the inside toward the outer skin. It would take a little bit more time for the surface to seal up into a scar. The Golden Buddha Aura Lotus was quite miraculous in nature but even miracles would take time to act despite it only being briefly.

Qing Shui glanced at the woman fixing his wound with the bandage while having her head lowered. She was a woman of desirable beauty and he felt quite close to this beauty not in a sense of distance but spiritually. He didn't feel this way because she was tending to his wound, but because of the accumulated effort she had displayed over the course of their interaction from when they first met each other.

Sometimes it would be easy to be touched just by simple gestures.

“Miss, I'm going to rest. You should rest early too,” Qing Shui said as he casually put on his clothes. She had to go back anyway and he had planned to go into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to recover in the meantime, because...

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