Chapter: 915

Chapter 915 - “Lord Of Nine Palace”, Kill!

Qing Shui took advantage of the battle that allowed the Nine Palace Steps to improve rapidly into the Lord of Nine Palace realm.

It was only then that Qing Shui was deemed the rightful owner of the ‘Nine Palace Steps’. He was finally able to truly grasp the quintessence of the Nine Palace Steps, a feat that thrilled him. After all, the Nine Palace Steps was undeniably strong.

“Path of Sky Prison!”

A black silhouette-like halo flashed from Tianyu Liangyi’s body, a subtle gleam of golden light bursting outwards towards the surroundings. Next, his golden pupils shot a light at Qing Shui that locked him down fiercely.

“Sky Prison Bloodbath!”

A flicker of a silhouette flashed across Qing Shui with an instantaneous force that could slice the heavens apart.

Qing Shui’s pupils constricted as he tried to move out of harm’s way. However, when he attempted to do so, he realized his movements had been slowed down considerably. He knew that this was due to Tianyu Liangyi’s odd eyes. Moreover, his opponent seemed to have his strength boosted by multiple levels - his aura felt distinctly different than before.

“Qing Shui, move quickly! He’s burning his life force to increase his power and try to kill you! Move away quickly……” The old man from the Mu Clan shouted as he threw a bunch of Crystal Demonic Beast Cards at Tianyu Liangyi to delay for more time.

Even though Qing Shui could evade...

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