Chapter: 911

Chapter 911 - Violent Incoming Force, Tianyu Liangyu, Killing Weapon

"Qing Shui, lass, you've both come!" Mu Qian smiled and greeted, as if he was very happy to see his daughter together with Qing Shui. His casual words caused Mu Qing to flush. It was just like the words one's parents would say to their newly wedded children.

"Father!" Mu Qing answered, smiling as she walked over to Mu Qian.

"Elder sister, why do I feel that you're much prettier than before?" Mu Xue teased.

"Lass, are you itching for a beating again?"

"Old Master!" Qing Shui greeted Mu Fengyang and the few other old men, then nodded to the others. Now, Qing Shui’s status in everyone's heart was no longer the same as before. After all, he had crippled the Sky Prison's Old Fifth in one move and everyone was clear how powerful he was, as a result, they now treated him differently.

Qing Shui then looked toward the distance. Several huge, brightly-colored flying beasts were heading toward them from the far distance. There were several hundreds of people on them, with quite a number of them wearing multicolored clothes.

Formation attire!

In order to see better when setting up formations, formation attires came in different colors which reduces the difficulty of constructing formations. Those who were of the same group would wear the same color, making it easier to differentiate themselves.

The prime...

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