Chapter: 909

Chapter 909 - The Mu Clan’s Old Ancestor at his late days, conversation

Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue were playing with the kids while talking in the front yard and most of their topics were centered around Qing Shui.

Maybe because the two women had given birth or maybe also because they were aging, the two now appeared to look even more graceful than before. They exuded a kind of noble and pure aura similar to that of Mingyue Gelou’s. This should have something to do with them being mothers.

After all, the two were already older than Qing Shui in terms of age to begin with. Now, Qing Shui was already someone who was more than thirty years old. Luckily, because the World of the Nine Continents was abundant with spiritual energy, people around thirty to forty years of age were considered to be young, especially in the case of warriors. When they truly became an adult at the age of sixteen, it was the stage in their lives when they would experience the fastest improvement in their cultivation, very few people would actually get married.

Some people chose to abstain due to fear of losing their vital essence, in other words, they chose to suppress their sexual desire. From Qing Shui’s perspective however, it was only necessary to have control over your sexual desire. Completely suppressing it wouldn’t benefit people with ordinary needs in any way.

The world was divided into Yin and Yang, so were humans. It was a law of nature...

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