Chapter: 903

Chapter 903 - Duality Minutest Formation, The Arrival of the Sky Prison Sect

Qing Shui held onto the last pebble and was reluctant to toss it. This last pebble was like the equivalent of a person’s eyes, its positioning was paramount to the success of the formation. If Qing Shui missed even slightly, the power of the formation would be greatly reduced.

Qing Shui stared at the Nine Palace and Eight Trigrams formation combination and hesitatingly tossed the pebble in his hand into it.

“No reaction?” Qing Shui was waiting for something to happen with the formation, but there were no changes even though he was inside the formation.

“Failed?” Qing Shui was a bit disappointed. Although this was his first attempt, it was nevertheless a time-consuming process, especially when you took into account the time he had spent on researching. Qing Shui felt that his formation shouldn’t have failed.

However, the way it looked, it was indeed a failure. Formations were mysterious. It was like borrowing the divine might of the Heavens and Earth. Qing Shui felt this was similar to one of the realms of the mastery of techniques—providence!

Pausing for a moment and studying the formation, Qing Shui confirmed that this first trial was a failure. However, he was not discouraged. Qing Shui picked up...

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