Chapter: 901

Chapter 901 - Changes to Events, Wait and See

The Mu Clan had rejected them. Although they had done so in a tactful way, it was inevitable that the Yin Clan would feel humiliated. Therefore, while there didn't seem to be any problems on the surface, if the chance were to arise, the Yin Clan wouldn't mind stepping down on the Mu Clan.

Young Master Yin had tried to rely on the fact that he was considered quite strong in the Yin Clan to make it clear that he wanted Mu Qing to marry him out of her own free will. By saying this, he was making it clear to others that he was going to regain the pride that the Yin Clan had lost from this. If anyone were to interfere, that person would be going against the Yin Clan.

Since Young Master Yin truly liked Mu Qing, no one found this statement strange. On the contrary, it allowed the Yin Clan to regain some of their pride. He didn’t overstep his bounds and merely said that he must successfully court Mu Qing and his effort would definitely let him succeed. Therefore, even the Third Elder couldn't say anything either. Young Master Yin hadn’t said anything too overbearing, so how could they possibly beat up the other party just because he liked their daughter?

Most importantly, Yin Yuanjiao was also tactful. Maybe it was because he knew that he could not win against Mu Qing...

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