Chapter: 900

Chapter 900 - Young Master Yin, Yin Yuanjiao, Crushing his hand

The skinny man in embroidered clothes laughed, as he glanced at the leader of the Mu Clan’s younger generation, “Nobody within his generation can challenge the Third Elder’s supremacy. Everyone knows that Mu Qing is his favorite daughter and even the grandfathers don’t dare to interfere with the matters regarding her marriage.”

The man did not say a word but looked calmly at the skinny man, his statement was redundant because all of them knew that, they were more interested in what he was about to say.

“But now that it has come to this, we could inform Young Master Yin. Don’t you know the Third Elder’s personality? The Yin Clan is a large clan, so the Third Elder won’t say anything even if he comes. He likes Mu Qing so much but it’s a pity she doesn’t fancy him.”

The skinny man that the others called Fifth Brother smiled and did not elaborate any further, but everyone knew what he meant between the lines. They knew he chose Young Master Yin because the Yin Clan was very powerful and Young Master Yin was also very talented. Even though he was not stronger than Mu Qing, he was still a cultivator with a lot...

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