Chapter: 894

Chapter 894 - Seventh Heavenly Layer, Solidifying the Dantian, Forming Pellet, The Carp Leaping Over Longmen to Become A Dragon

The scorching aura and the cooling aura continued to increase in his body without any changes. At this moment, Qing Shui could only smile bitterly, hoping that he would be able to get through this stage successfully. Every day there would be people in the world of the nine continents who would die from their bodies exploding due to there being too much energy in their bodies. This was the result of human's greed.

Very quickly, his Dantian was filled up with powerful energy and the energy in his meridian channels continued to increase. Qing Shui continued to walk on.

The earlier spot on his shoulder had recovered due to his powerful self-recuperating skills but other parts of his body continued to be torn through. However, at this moment, Qing Shui's brain was especially clear.

And in his body, slight changes continued to happen non-stop. His Upper and Lower Dantian continued to comprehend the changes, blocking the huge energy for Qing Shui.

If not for the fact that his Dantian had undergone a change earlier, Qing Shui wouldn't know what would have happened. At least, his progress would have been delayed by a lot.


An area of his bones cracked and the immense pain made Qing Shui clench his teeth to hang on. The process of breaking through was not only dangerous but...

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