Chapter: 891

Chapter 891 - Getting Hold of the Sky Penetrating Grass, Escaping In A Pathetic State

Before Qing Shui dashed out, he circulated all his abilities to their limits, not having the wishful thought that he would be able to stop the opponent's attack. However, sometimes, doing this could still save his life.

The Long-armed Vicious Monkey King noticed him the moment he dashed out. Letting out a furious bellow as if he was going to tear the sky apart, he ignored the Five-Headed Demonic Spider and dashed for Qing Shui.

The Five-Headed Demonic Spider naturally would not allow the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King to attack Qing Shui and quickly followed. Its spider webs had tightly wrapped around the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King but the latter was still dashing toward Qing Shui.

The strength of the Five-Headed Demonic Spider couldn't be compared to that of the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King and the spider webs were quickly torn up. Even the Five-Headed Demonic Spider was tugged and sent flying toward the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King.

Corrosive Poison Web!

Corrosive Poison Web!


A few layers of the Five-Headed Demonic Spider's poisonous web were thrown out toward the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King. In mid-air the Five-Headed Demonic Spider tried very hard to change its direction.

With this help, Qing Shui managed to gain some time and he had reached the Sky Penetrating Grass. Reaching out his two hands, he...

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