Chapter: 888

Chapter 888 - Five-eyed Lion Wolf King,Hovering between life and death

Receiving the ‘I don’t know’ reply did not worry Qing Shui too much. Sometimes an uncertain reply like that wasn’t exactly bad, just like how his Five-Headed Demonic Spider was not directly answering whether it could or could not defeat that demonic beast. It actually meant that both demonic beasts had about the same strength or perhaps they were on the same level. If so, Qing Shui felt that it was unnecessary for him to feel burdened.

His Five-Headed Demonic Spider stared straight ahead, it stood in front of Qing Shui protecting him well with its body. Qing Shui was extremely proud of it. It indeed lived up to its position as a Martial Emperor, it already possessed an elementary level of wisdom.


A loud resounding roar suddenly filled the air. The loud, earth-shaking roar reverberated through the valley, as if many demonic beasts had roared at the same time. It could definitely rival the Golden Jiao’s roar.

Chi Chi!

His Five-Headed Demonic Spider also produced a terrifyingly sharp screech. Qing Shui could already interpret the meaning of his Five-Headed Demonic Spider vocalizations. That was a call to warn off that opponent but the opponent responded with an even more ferocious roar as...

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