Chapter: 882

Chapter 882 - Jade Spirit Fruit, Stumbled Upon The Golden Jiao’s Lair

When Qing Shui saw the determined gaze of the Snow Lion King, he knew that the lion was done for. He didn't try to force the beast to consume the medicinal pill - he would rather let the laws of nature determine the lion’s fate.

To be frank, Qing Shui felt quite uncomfortable with his decision. It was quite a pity to let a majestic beast like this lion to perish away just like that. However, this was the way of a ‘king’, which was no different from the other demonic beasts in the wild. In any case, it was considered rare to be able to capture a demonic beast of the king class. Essentially, it would be impossible to do so, especially for demonic beasts with the strength greater than a Peak Martial Saint, as they had already possessed an intelligence from advanced cognitive functions.

Before he knew it, the Snow Lion King had slumped to the ground, its body becoming an empty shell, completely devoid of life. Qing Shui sighed deeply and then used his Primordial Flames to completely cremate the corpse.

He didn't salvage the core or the other materials from the Snow Lion King body, but instead buried its remains under the soil of the Jade Spirit Fruit Tree. The tree, however, was removed by Qing Shui and moved into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He initially thought that the process would be a little bit difficult, since this being the first time he had attempted to move such a large ten meters tall tree. After a hefty process and a lot of effort, he was able to move the tree successfully into the...

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