Chapter: 881

Chapter 881 - Separation, Jade Spirit Fruit? Snow Lion King

Qing Shui heaped the entire patch of earth containing the Sky Penetrating Grasses into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Everyone looked at him bewilderedly, but they could only laugh awkwardly without mentioning the obvious. Even if they tried to tell him something, they wouldn't be able to express their words clearly. In the end, they gave up.

Even though Qing Shui was a bit disappointed, he was nonetheless happy to have found the rare medicinal herbs at last. If he still couldn't find some Sky Penetrating Grass of more than 5,000 Years as proceeded to explore the mountain, the ones he had acquired would suffice. As long as he was able to acquire any kind of Sky Penetrating Grass, there was hope. 12 years may seem long, but the Sky Penetrating Grass would eventually grow into a medicinal herb of 5,000 Years.

Qing Shui felt better after thinking it through. Those medicinal herbs could still be of use after a period of growth. Sky Penetrating Grass that was less than a 1,000 years old were essentially worthless and useless - only those that were 3,000 to 5,000 years old could be regarded as treasures of Heaven and Earth.

However, 3,000 Years Sky Penetrating Grass would still be less effective than 5,000 Years variants. The 3,000 Years Sky Penetrating Grass were proven to grant approximately 50 years of lifespan. The 5,000 Years variants, however, would be more effective, increasing a person’s lifespan by much more than 50 years. Consequently, no one suspected anything when Qing Shui took away the 300 to 500 Years...

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