Chapter: 877

Chapter 877 - Targeted, Sky Prison Sect, [Sky Prison Massacre]

The two of them slowly walked in the mountain valley, time to time frightening hordes of small animals and beasts. When the two of them were together they truly did not have anything to talk about.

Qing Shui discovered that he did not have anything that he wanted to talk to this lady about, while the lady had many things to say but was unable to speak. Although she had decided on what she wanted to do, she would not be that direct.

It was in fact Mu Qing that was feeling the most helpless, as she did not have a single bit of experience in male and female relationships. She really did not know what to do, however she was intelligent and rational. She did not wish for herself to have regrets, therefore she had reduced some of her restraint, however from the look of it the results were no good.

There were times where liking a person was very simple. Loving a person can be very simple too, however, sometimes loving a person was very hard. Even working hard one’s entire life might not have any results. The matters of unrequited love and lack of interest were too many in the world.

Such a flower like her had met with a heartless person. If this was announced no one would believe it!

There still were some days left and rushing would botch up the job, therefore the lady did not ask more on this question. Following this, she and Qing Shui started to talk...

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