Chapter: 873

Chapter 873 - Star Steel, Lightning Bees, Golden Beast, Powerful Woman

Within the Sky Penetrating Mountains!

Qing Shui had been in the mountains for two months. Currently, they didn’t dare to split into groups to seek for treasures. Furthermore, they would try to obtain a thorough understanding of their surroundings before taking any action. As of now, they were already 500,000 kilometers into this place.

A large portion of the ‘Treasure Hunting Pigs’ were already stored by the lady. However, the lady had summoned tens of ‘Lightning Bees’ which caused Qing Shui to be stunned for quite a while.

The Lighting Bees were also called the path searching bees. They were the size of a thumb and their bodies were a grayish white. They were as resilient as diamonds and as quick as lightning. Although they didn’t have any offensive capabilities, there were able to increase the scope of view of their master.

This was the most precious thing for an adventurer. Having numerous Lighting Bees would allow an adventurer to avoid many dangers, including potentially fatal ones. Lightning Bees would allow their master to feel the movements of the wind and the movements of every stalk of grass within their surroundings.

Although the Lightning Bees lacked offensive capabilities, they were fast and small. Most demonic beasts were simply unable to attack them. As for those small beasts that eat bugs or birds, they were simply unable to eat them. The lady proceeded to lead everyone further into the mountain range. As they walked, they made numerous turns, allowing the Treasure...

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