Chapter: 863

Chapter 863 - Preparation, Peak Martial Saint Thunderous Beast

"Oh, go ahead. You, Young Master Dong, seldom asks for favors. As long as it's within my means, I won't reject you."

The lady sat opposite Dong Yan and company. In the middle, there was a very large tea table between them, keeping them at a distance of three meters apart. This was how Mu Clan's Young Miss did things. Usually, people would be unable to get within three meters of her.

"My brother Qing Shui wants to enter the Sky Penetrating Mountains. Therefore, I'd like for you guys to let him join you when you enter. I'll definitely offer my great thanks," Dong Yan said to the lady.

The lady was in no hurry to promise Dong Yan. She frowned slightly and looked at Qing Shui. At this moment, it was as if she wanted to use her beautiful eyes to see through Qing Shui.

"You're sure that you want to go?" The lady said softly, looking at Qing Shui.

"I'm sure!"

"To be honest, even for us, we don't have absolute confidence that we'll be able to stay alive. It's just that we've been quite lucky. I won't say much if you were to want to go but I won't be able to guarantee your safety. It's because no one who goes will be able to guarantee that they'll be able to come back," the lady smiled lightly and said.

Qing Shui knew that the lady was in fact saying this...

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