Chapter: 851

Chapter 851 - Nine Yang Golden Body, Confounded Retreat (teaser)

“Grand Elder, today’s the lucky day. We have finally found the man with the legendary ‘Nine Yang Golden Body’,” The woman named Huang Wu said to the old man in a respectful tone.

Qing Shui, on the other hand, quickly raised his cautiousness and carefully observed the old man. He couldn’t pinpoint the old man’s exact age but the geezer was certainly old, as evidenced by his withering appearance. The old man was also wearing a full set of plain clothes - the simplest, most common clothes in the market - over his moderately thin body. In spite of his appearance, the old man’s eyes were gleaming with a bizarre mannerism - it was weird and perplexing.

When Qing Shui saw the old man’s cane, he froze. That was the Dragon-Headed Cane, if not very similar to the one kept in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. There wasn't any obvious difference in terms of their appearances, so for Qing Shui, the canes were of the same kind.

The old man snapped his attention to Qing Shui and revealed a grin. His eyes were transfixed on Qing Shui as he said, “Haha, this is great. I've been searching for 300 years for the legendary Nine Yang Golden Body and was about to give up, until you showed up to our doorstep. Thank the Heavens for treating me so well.”

“Nine Yang Golden Body?” This was the second time Qing Shui heard of this term that was supposedly a type of special constitution of a human body. However, he was extremely bewildered because he had heard two different terms to this constitution. In the case of the Marionette Sect,...

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