Chapter: 839

Chapter 839 - Taking the Mysterious Fruit Once again

Qing Shui only let go of her hand with great reluctance when they had arrived above the Cloud Adventurer Guild, making Yun Duan speechless. This guy was really insatiable. To think that she had already let herself loose as it was.

Although he appeared to be very mature, Yun Duan felt that it could be because of her first impression toward him. In the battle earlier, he was very upright and reliable but when he stopped, she would keep thinking of how he was when they were back in Heavenly Palace. Back then, he already looked a little more mature for his age but he was still very much like a kid.

Therefore, she felt that she was slightly self-indulgent and had also allowed herself to indulge in him a little.

Thinking of how he was appearing to be like a greedy kid earlier...

Qing Shui and Yun Duan jumped down from the Fire Bird. There were still many people there, most of them from Cloud Adventurer Guild. Seeing that they had returned safely, they knew that the problem was solved.

However, Yun Clan and some of the core members of Cloud Adventurer Guild still rushed over. Although they had guessed what the result was, they still wanted to hear it directly from Qing Shui and Yun Duan.

"Father, mother, Hu Wei Adventurer...

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