Chapter: 835

Chapter 835 - Killing Hu Wenlong In An Instant, Pounding Heart

It was like a tiger's descent from a mountain, no one could withstand the pressure!

Caught unaware, Hu Wenlong was forced to take a step back after facing Qing Shui's pressure. This made him extremely astonished and he felt that he had lost his reputation.

The young man opposite him was only a Xiantian...

"That's not right!" Hu Wenlong squinted his eyes. It was because up to now, he still could only sense that this young man was at a Xiantian level. However, he was able to push Hu Wenlong back one step. Even if Hu Wenlong had let his guard down earlier, he was still not one whom a Xiantian cultivator would be able to push back just with aura alone.

"Moreover, if he's a Xiantian cultivator, I'd be able to crush him just by pressure alone. However, it seems like he's able to ignore my pressure?" Hu Wenlong was still extremely astonished.

He felt that Qing Shui was not such an expert, not at his young age. Then it must be because the young man could ignore other people's pressure or had even cultivated some special mental martial technique.

There was a kind of powerful person in the world of the nine continents. This kind of person had a powerful spirit energy and cultivated Five...

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