Chapter: 824

Chapter 824 - Unwilling, Helpless, Great Boost in Strength

At the moment, Qing Shui was feeling incomparably bitter, the woman should have been extremely furious by now. Prior to this, she couldn’t move her body because of the cold poison which had intruded into her body. Similarly, he was also unable to maintain control over his. Just like this, using that kind of method, he muddle-headedly helped neutralize both her cold poison and the excessive poison which she transferred to him.

Everything that happened before was clearly carved within Qing Shui’s mind. The woman slightly wrinkled her brows and during the entire process, the only noises she made were weak breathing noises. In the instant they interacted for the first time, she must still have felt excruciating pain, regardless of her cultivation level.

If she could move at that time, she would have definitely killed him without any hesitation. Now that he was at the brink of death, he was glad he had taken the opportunity to enjoy a night of joy with such a godly woman, as compensation for himself.

He refused to die but his strength all over his body was completely restrained. He was completely immobilized. On top of that, there was a pair of formless hands choking his neck.

Qing Shui gazed at the pair of cold beautiful eyes. Like before, there was no sign of change in the emotions on her face. Other than the violent...

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