Chapter: 820

Chapter 820 - Di Qing’s tears

Looking at the nigh-invincible Earth Devouring Mouse, Qing Shui secretly felt very happy. This was Luan Luan’s demonic beast, and the Earth Devouring Mouse would have an extremely bright future.

The main reason was because the Earth Devouring Mouse was a mutated demonic beast that had no limits to its growth. It could reach an extremely powerful stage, but there was no certainty as to whether it could break through to that point.

There were many spiritual beasts in the world. Although in principle, all beasts had no limits to their growths, but the further they advanced, the probability of breaking through would become more uncertain. However, from the Earth Devouring Mouse’s speed of growth, it should not be garbage.


Unknowingly, two months had passed. Qing Ming and Qing Yin were able to walk with a little wobbling. The strength of the Qing Clan had all increased by a level after the two months.

This was just the beginning, as the medicinal effects left within their bodies allowed them to achieve double the effects with half the effort. In addition, Qing Shui was able to solidify their cultivation foundation and wash their marrows with other pills, wines and gold needles with minimal effort.

The ones who showed the most improvement were the third generation...

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