Chapter: 818

Chapter 818 - Qing Shui's Medicinal Pill, Plan

Very soon, day was starting to break. Seeing that there was still some time before the sun rose, Qing Shui started to practice his Crane Form. The Soaring Crane Steps was already at the great perfection stage and he had long since merged them together with other techniques.

Now, what Qing Shui was practicing was the Thousand Crane Slash. He had thought that the technique did not have much damaging prowess but to think that its prowess was only shown when it was at the large success stage. Previously, he had spent all his energy on the Elephant Form and thus had gradually forgotten about it. When he eventually was able to cultivate the Crane Form, he did not think of cultivating the Thousand Crane Slash.

For the Crane Form, being graceful was the most important. When performing, it would look beautiful and speed was the most important. Another thing was the flow, letting it flow through your body and then release an instant explosion. What was important was the impact.

The Thousand Crane Slash, which was at the small success stage, could only leave a pair of palm prints. This was also why Qing Shui had given up at the beginning. Since it would create over ten palm prints at the large success stage, then there should be at least four of them at the small success stage. However, there was only two and the prowess was only slightly higher...

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