Chapter: 817

Chapter 817 - Improvements on the Heavenly Talismans, Success of The Heart Toxin Talisman

Qing Shui only now took a look at the Tiger Form he had painted.

This was a tiger form that depicted a vividly realistic crouching tiger. Not only did it look like the real thing, its flesh, blood and bones were so evocative they could almost be felt. Relative to the past level, this kind strength was better by ten or even a hundred times.

So this was the level of drawing bones.

No matter what, it was impossible for a tiger without bones to become bold and powerful.

Now that his ‘Realm of Drawing’ had increased, he could try painting the Heavenly Talismans. Qing Shui had been hoping for the Heavenly Talismans to level up. Cultivating only one type of Heavenly Talismans didn’t really matter because after all, it was very difficult to cultivate it to the realm of great heights. On the other hand, even ants could kill an elephant if there were a great number of them. Perhaps other people couldn’t learn many Heavenly Talismans because of their limited spirit energy, but Qing Shui was different. He didn’t have to study too deeply into this either. As long as he learned a little bit more, he would be able to get a decent result.

Godly Force Talisman!

Qing Shui felt very comfortable drawing the ‘Godly Force Talisman’ now. His brush flowed smoothly, and he felt like he was able to draw it casually. Not only that,...

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