Chapter 81 - Sorrow

Chapter 81 Sorrow.

AST0081 – Sorrow

“I’m sorry, I like you. I really like you a lot!”

Qing Shui’s words were blurted out without any semblance of conscious thought, and were wrapped in truth and sincerity.

Yu He bowed her head, not saying anything.

“I know that this should be the time where I apologize to you, but I still have to tell you this. I truly like you very much. I like your looks, I like your personality, I like your wits. I don’t wish to find any excuses. I admit that I’m full of lust, a horny guy, and would lose myself whenever I see beautiful babes. Still, I only feel a tugging sensation in my heart whenever I look at you. If you fell in love with some other guy, the pain I would feel, would be unbearable. I don’t know what else to say.” Qing Shui explained somewhat self-mockingly and in a distressed manner.

Yu He went slack-jawed as she look at Qing Shui. Although she knew there were many types of people in this world of the nine continents, this was the first time she had heard somebody outright calling themselves horny. Not only that, this guy admitted to a woman that he loved that his heart would be moved when looking upon other beautiful women. Is he crazy or sincere?

Is he an idiot, or he is truly sincere, or is it that he is extremely confident?

However, these were no longer important, what was important was that in her heart this guy had already left behind an indelible mark. Yu He, regarding this situation, was totally at a complete loss.

Looking at the troubled expression of Yu He, after a slight hesitation, Qing Shui reached forward to straighten her crumpled clothes. A gentle look appeared in his eyes, causing Yu He’s heart to quicken again. Why are his eyes so clear?

“Qing Shui, Elder sister thanks you for your feelings. You like me, and I’m very happy to hear that, but what you don’t know is that elder sister is a widow… In this life, I can never be together with another man again.” Yu He forced out a smile as she gently caressed Qing Shui’s face.

Widow. Qing Shui was not extremely shocked by this news, seeing that Yu He was almost near 30, with such a elegant and graceful figure, how could she still have been single? However, he was still slightly surprised by the revelation.

The customs of the world of the nine continents, even though there can’t be said to be absolute equality between the opposite sex, in this cultivation-oriented world, there are still some females who were the matriarchs/sect leaders of their respective groups.

However there were some people whose status were slightly awkward – and those were widows. Widows in the world of the nine continents are considered to be an unlucky existence, the younger a widow was, the more of a jinx she is. No matter how ravishing, nor how charming, most men would still be unable to accept this.

If a widow wanted to marry again, then they would have to seek the approval of her ex-husband’s family. This was an iron-clad custom that was set ages ago. However, over the passage of time, this rule was slightly tweaked. It slowly became the sole right of rich families. This meant that once a lady was married to a family of status and power, even if the groom were to die, the woman was not allowed to remarry. Even if the lady and the man were not truly married, and only had the status of engaged, if the guy died, the women would still not be allowed to be remarried. The woman would then enter the family of the male counterpart as a toy, suffering a fate worse than death.

Of course, if the female’s family had equal amount of power and authority, there would be no other restrictions.

Looking at that tear-stained face of Yu He, and that sexy neckline and cleavage, Qing Shui wondered. Who was the lucky yet unlucky guy who was her ex-husband?

“I don’t mind the fact that you are a widow. I just want to protect you, and I would like you to hang out with me more often. Interacting with you, seeing your smile, hearing your voice, and every time you blush, my heart trembles. I don’t think I can live without you!” Qing Shui held on to the hands of Yu He, who was still caressing his face.

Yu He did not struggle, hearing Qing Shui’s confession, the elegant face of Yu He, stared at Qing Shui with a complicated look in her eyes.

Bitterly shaking her head, “Qing Shui, you are still young… After a few more years, you will forget this feeling you have for elder sister. You should concentrate on your career and cultivation right now. I am but a flower that’s about to lose it’s bloom, and not only that, but those people would never allow me to remarry again.”

Qing Shui furrowed his brows, although he knew of the customs, this was the first time he had come face to face with it. It could be considered that he was in a sticky situation, because Qing Shui really wanted Yu He to be his.

Initially, Qing Shui determined that before he stepped into the Yan Clan, he would not have any relationships. However, after meeting Wenren Wu-Shuang and Baili Jingwei, he slightly changed his way of thinking. Qing Shui from his previous world, knew of the power of influence. It was the same for this world of the nine continents as well. Although Qing Shui did not wish to depend on external factors to eradicate his enemies, he also did not want to suppress his own feelings. If one day, his strength reached the peak, then he would set his own rules, and create his own customs.

“What strength do I have to attain to deal with those people? Qing Shui gently cupped his hands around the delicate face of Yu He as he asked.

With an even more complicated look upon her face, she shook her head as she gazed at Qing Shui. “Don’t waste your strength, or your life. Elder sister appreciates your thoughts, it’s just that they don’t wish for elder sister to remarry, and……”

Yu He stuttered unnaturally as she struggled to complete her sentence.

“And what? Could it be that they still want something more from you?” Qing Shui felt the rage from his anger building up, as his tone got increasingly louder.

“No… They don’t allow me to openly date another man.” Yu He said softly, while looking away.

“What?” Qing Shui was dumbstruck. Unable to openly date a man meant that she could secretly date one? Qing Shui was extremely curious about this particular family.

Yu He shyly kept her head bow, as she surreptitiously glanced at Qing Shui to note his reaction.

“But you are still so young, how could they condemn you to a life of loneliness.”

Yu He fell silent, as the color in her cheeks reddened, before saying, “You must be at least a Xiantian cultivator before the other party would be willing to relinquish their hold on me. Because only if you are a Xiantian, they would not feel there’s something shameful about that.”

Xiantian, at least a Xiantian. Qing Shui hated that he was so weak now, a natural moat that had restricted countless others from stepping into Xiantian. Would he be able to surpass the barrier? Who knows how long it would take! Marrying Yu He was going to be as tough as ascending the heavens.

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