Chapter: 798

Chapter 798 - Di Chen and Di Qing, Bewildered

“Old Ancestor, actually, there’s no need for you to do anything about things like this.” The elderly man on the Dark Crane smiled at the old man in front.

“Hong Chang and the others are in trouble, to be able to put them in trouble without any information leaking, this just goes to show that the enemies are really formidable. We know too little about Heavenly Palace and the rumored young man. I have been having a feeling that things aren’t right.” The elderly man’s eyes slowly brightened up as he looked afar.

“Old Ancestor, don’t you think that you’re overestimating the young man and the Heavenly Palace?” The other old man chuckled.

“How far off is San Lang’s strength compared to yours? Despite this, he still got into trouble. Hong Hai, do not ever underestimate any of your opponents. Even though Zuoshi Clan isn’t like us Baima Clan if they were really eliminated by one person, that person would definitely be someone we shouldn’t underestimate because even I myself wouldn’t dare to challenge Zuoshi Clan alone.” The old man said in a calm tone without any sign of emotions in his words.

“Alright, Old Ancestor, so what’s the plan this time?” Baima Honghai looked at the old man...

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