Chapter: 788

Chapter 788 - Children, The Strength of Qing Clan

Qing Shui took the baby from Huoyun Liu-Li’s arms. She was only a little more than three months old. He cradled her very carefully. Her delicate little face was very similar to Shi Qingzhuang. She giggled out loud when she saw Qing Shui. Her laughter was extremely melodious, it was like the voice of a fairy to Qing Shui.

Although it had only been a little over hundred days after she had delivered the baby, a cultivator’s body was very strong. Furthermore, the spiritual qi of this world was abundant, so her body had already recovered completely.

After holding her for a little while more, Qing Shui passed her back to Shi Qingzhuang. He then took the little fellow from Mingyue Gelou’s arms. However the moment Qing Shui held him in his arms, the little fellow shamelessly peed on him.

The few people around started laughing out loud at the scene.

“Goddammit, this brat. How dare he not give me any face? I’ve just returned and this is the gift he gives me for our first meeting.” Qing Shui laughed as he retrieved two jade pendants. He had already prepared these a long time ago. Qing Zun and Qing Yin were given a present when they first met back then, so these two would naturally receive one too.

He put them on the two little babies. This jade pendant was like the lock of longevity* that carried good fortune. Qing Shui unintentionally caught Huoyun Liu-Li staring at him in a daze when he put the jade pendants on the two little fell...

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