Chapter: 778

Chapter 778 - Fei Wuji Who Had His Wish Fulfilled, Pure Gold Dragon-Headed Cane

After dinner, everyone sat down and chatted for a bit. When the sky had turned dark, Qing Shui, Cang Wuya, Fei Wuji, and Bai Gui went back together to their assigned courtyard in the Ye Residence.

The expressions on their faces seemed more relaxed as the matters with the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan had been dealt with completely. Fei Wuji remained silent - words weren’t enough to express the excitement and happiness he felt in his heart.

Fei Wuji carried this burden on his shoulders for many years. The heaviness he had bore throughout his life was like a big mountain that suffocated him with nightmares almost every night. He would wake up from his nightmares and blame himself for not being to do anything. He even took his regrets and blamed them to God for being unfair. “Why did I do to deserve this?” He had never been enveloped in the warmth and love of his parents since he was young, and on top of that, he was forced to bear this gigantic burden in his life for decades.

Finally, it was settled. He had thought of committing suicide numerous times just so he wouldn’t have to suffer from the excruciating pain of bearing this burden any longer. But when he finally saw his dying grandfather, he knew he couldn’t just take his life so that he would have the easy way out. Because if there was one person who suffered more than him, it would be his own grandfather.

“Grandpa, did you see the fight? Did you get to meet my parents? The Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan...

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