Chapter: 774

Chapter 774 - The Fight Of The Ultimate Life and Death Against The Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan (4)

“Elder sister, uncle has won again.” Ye Yan shouted excitedly while hugging her elder sister with a bright red complexion.

Ye Guyan was happy as well. As long as Qing Shui was alive, everything would be fine. She felt a sense of responsibility towards him or to be exact, she felt like she owed a great deal to him. If Qing Shui died right here and now, she would feel anguished. It didn’t help when she knew the reason he came to the Southern Viewing Continent - to obliterate the entire Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, one of the strongest and influential clans amongst the supreme aristocratic clans.

“Old Ancestor, his demonic beasts are too incredible. Let me go and handle this kid.” Donggong Maisun’s grandfather, Donggong Nianyun, went up to the Old Ancestor of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan and requested to be allowed into the battle.

“Equip your Jade Dragon Battle Armor Set. The poison beast will not be much of a threat to you if you have that on. Go now.” The Old Ancestor of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan spoke in a usual calm manner.

‘Yes, grandfather!”

This time, Donggong Nianyun addressed the Old Ancestor as his grandfather. The Old Ancestor shifted in his seat and said: “Bring Congxing and a few men with you.”

Donggong Nianyun bowed once again and proceeded to lead four old men towards the battle. He then flew up and headed towards the sky to face Qing Shui.

“Haha, did you see that? This is the third time...

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