Chapter: 756

Chapter 756 - Advancing by Leaps and Bounds, Qing Shui’s Formidable Demonic Beasts

Qing Shui watched as the Jade Emperor Queen Bee rapidly grew in size and abilities. As the situation progressed, Qing Shui became more hopeful about the result.

There weren’t any signs of slowing down even at the peak of Grade Four Martial Saint. Qing Shui could only stare at the growing Jade Emperor Queen Bee as he waited for its next breakthrough.

Qing Shui lost track of time as he focused all of his senses towards perceiving the subtle changes occurring with the Jade Emperor Queen Bee.


The Jade Emperor Queen Bee cried another loud buzz. Qing Shui smiled as he watched the Queen Bee’s body release a dazzling jade light. It had successfully broken through to Grade Five Martial Saint!

As expected from a mythical beast core, an entire level could be gained from consuming a mere 1% of the original core.

Qing Shui only hesitated a second before feeding another pill to the Jade Emperor Queen Bee. Although he knew that continuously feeding the pills to the Queen Bee was impossible, he was still curious of what the limit of the breakthroughs was. He would need to keep the rest of the pills for the upcoming mission.

Once again, a jade-colored light...

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