Chapter: 750

Chapter 750 - Kill, A Little Interlude

The next day, the party gained a beautiful girl. Qing Shui introduced her to Cang Wuya and the others, and she introduced herself as Ye Yan. Although a few of them didn’t understand why Qing Shui brought a girl back, they still had a friendly conversation with her. They even asked her a lot of questions.

Perhaps it was because Cang Wuya had a benevolent appearance, the girl seemed to especially trust him. The smile on her face increased so much that Qing Shui could tell the girl seemed to be relieved.

“Grandpa Cang, is the Greencloud Continent very far from here? Are there many fun places there?” The girl spoke with Cang Wuya during the entire journey, asking all kinds of questions.

Qing Shui only smiled quietly. This girl seemed to be very quick-witted. From the conversation, he gathered that she had been living here for two years all alone by herself. In the beginning, she still had some money and even sold some jewelry to support her living for a period of time. A while after that, her life gradually declined to the current situation.

She didn’t explain why her situation had turned out like this. Qing Shui and the rest didn’t probe her for an explanation either. Since they also didn’t...

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