Chapter: 749

Chapter 749 - Pear Blossom Wine, Weird Girl

There was a kind of mysterious dew within the World of the Nine Continents that could cause fruits to grow on medicinal herbs. It was a very mysterious and extremely precious item, with only a few plants being able to fruit using its effect. However, a thing like wine could only be slowly kept. Therefore, almost all of the families in the World of Nine Continents would keep their wine in a cellar or underground room. Every single generation would use some of their ancestors’ wine, but save the rest for future generations. Slowly, this had formed into a virtuous cycle.

The waiters poured the wine in a big bowl sufficient for a few people: “Come, taste this pear flower wine of ours. Check out the taste of our trademark wine.”

With a smile Qing Shui lifted up the bowl and waited for the others before slowly placing it on his mouth. The wine gave Qing Shui a fragrant taste that lingered in his mouth after drinking.

Qing Shui chose this restaurant in hopes of hearing fresh news about the Southern Viewing Ministry Continent and other matters. After all, this was his first time here and he didn’t know anyone.

He did not know which county the Donggong Family was situated at, or if they were even in the prefecture city of the...

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