Chapter: 746

Chapter 746 - Preparations To The Southern Viewing Continent, The Tough Yiye Jiange

Three days later, Qin Shang came again to the Qing Residence to invite Qing Shui to the Qin Residence. Naturally, Qin Shang went back to the Qin Residence together with Qing Shui, and this time everything went smoothly. However, a lot of people in the Qin Residence were surprised by the presence of Qing Shui when he had arrived. They were also puzzled as to why the old man of the Qin Clan would hand over the position of clan leader to Qin Shang, but finally understood it was due to Qing Shui’s influence.

Qing Shui was only there to show his presence and nothing else. After the time to take an incense stick to burn had passed, Old man Qin had finally announced that Qin Shang would be the next head of the clan. When there wasn't any objection from the members of the Qin Clan, Qing Shui finally allowed himself to leave. He had fulfilled his promise to Qin Shang - he only came just for Qin Shang’s sake.

In any case, Qing Shui didn't care much for other people's gossips and speculations. After everything was over, Qin Shang and the higher-ups of the Qin Clan escorted Qing Shui out of the residence and bid him farewell. Qin Shang insisted on sending Qing Shui back to the Heavenly Palace personally, but that offer was ultimately refused by Qing Shui himself.

In a blink of an eye, the end of January had arrived. Qing Shui was relieved that the work development of the Heavenly Palace and Qing Residence were going smoothly as planned. Moreover, with Luan Luan and the ladies by his side, as well as the display...

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