Chapter: 744

Chapter 744 - 10,000 year Cold Steel, Golden Bull Grass, Sunflower

As Qing Shui looked at the warm scene in front of him, he felt at peace. It felt different from before. Perhaps it was because he has experienced a lot of things since and thus cherished this feeling even more.

As per usual, the main street of Green Cloud Continent was bustling with people. It wouldn’t change just because someone’s disappearance or accident. Many people, or rather, most people were doing their best for their survival and to live a good life.

Actually, even aristocratic clans and families worked hard for their survival. This was because you would never be the most powerful person or family. Even if you had become the strongest person in a city, there were still people outside the city, within the country or within the continent who were stronger than you.

Even the supreme aristocratic clans and sects, although they might look really spectacular from the outside, no one would have known about the different conflicts they had inside their clan. Higher ranked people had to be on their guard against getting overtaken or assassinated, and yet also be careful of divisions within the clan.

“Father, I want that one……” Qing Yin pointed at a wooden puppet and told Qing Shui.

“I want it too.” Qing Zun had come down...

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