Chapter: 741

Chapter 741 - Five Colored Poison Beast, Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable

Treasure chamber?

Although they saw treasures before them, they hesitated. They kept having the feeling that there was a strong killing intent hidden behind those tempting treasures. Just as they were hesitating, a surge of power came from behind them, forcing them to inexorably dash into the treasure chamber.

There were initially many light stones along the passageways, but after they've dashed into the treasure chamber, the big door made of unknown material closed up.

There were no light stones in the secret chamber, but the sparkling gleams from those treasures were even more dazzling that light stones. However, these gleams made them feel unease.

"Zuoshi Yangcan, come out if you dare. Why are you being such a coward?" Liu Zilang shouted out. He knew that he had been tricked. He had initially thought that they could just retreat if things didn't turn out well, but he hadn't expected the push from earlier to be so great that there was nowhere to retreat to anymore.

"Hahaha, fool, so what if I'm acting cowardly? I wonder if you guys are pleased to be dying here?"

"Zuoshi Yangcan, how about we come to an agreement?" One of the two elderly men from the Liu Clan spoke out.

"Agreement? What a...

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