Chapter: 733

Chapter 733 - Heading for Pingyang Country's Zuoshi Clan, Start of the Killing Spree

As he sat there, letting his thoughts run wild, time passed by and it was soon dark. Qing Shui directly entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, starting his cultivation as usual.

Qing Shui walked up to the Poison Refining Furnance and saw that there was only a small amount of the poison used to soak the Frosted Iron Balls and Coldsteel Needles left. The Frosted Iron Balls and Coldsteel Needles were now so black that it looked scary.

Qing Shui tried sensing them with his Spiritual Sense and felt very satisfied. These things should be able to kill quite a number of people. This is even when there was no breakthrough in the Ancient Strengthening Technique nor in the State of One with Elephant.

Qing Shui's State of One with Elephant was only at the small success stage and could only merge with 20% of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's abilities. This 20% was based on the current abilities of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. For example, if under normal conditions, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's attack prowess with its Diamond Protection and Diamond Crossing Rivers was at 5000 countries, he would be able to merge with 20% of this strength. Under the State of One with Elephant, his Ferocious Diamond Attack would be able to reach 10,000...

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