Chapter: 732

Chapter 732 - Five Colored Poison, Preparation for a Bloodbath

This location was like a tunnel. It became pitch black the moment the entrance was shut off!

“Don’t move, we have to wait for about seven minutes. Otherwise, we’ll be shot by the poison arrows from both sides.” Elder Ge prevented Qing Shui from taking a step forward.

“Poison arrows?”

“There are some mechanisms installed on the walls of this stone path. It will shoot anyone who moves without waiting up to seven minutes. Even trying to fly across will have no effect. The poison on the arrows is from a type of Five Colored Poison Beast. Even a peak Martial Saint wouldn’t dare to risk it,” Elder Ge explained slowly.

“The poison of a Five Colored Poison Beast?” Qing Shui asked curiously as his eyes lit up when looking at Elder Ge.

“There are poison masters in the Heavenly Palace, but the poison from this Five Colored Poison Beast has been left behind from the past. The poison masters are only responsible to replace them once every few years. Normally, no one dared to touch this Five Colored Poison,” Elder Ge sighed. He wasn’t sure if it was at the decline of the Heavenly Palace or some other reason.

“Elder Ge, is there still any more Five Colored Poison left?” Qing Shui was a little excited in his heart. He had been developing the [Poison Scriptures] for quite some time now and was lacking a type of main poison. Although there were...

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